Ukraine’s Childless Future and Its Consequences

Ukraine’s Demographic Collapse Is the Real Threat, Not Russia

Ukraine has serious problems, and not the ones it has with Russia over Donbas and Crimea. It has deathbed demographics, and looking at them makes one wonder whether there will be a Ukraine by the end of the century.

Finishing Hitler and Stalin’s Work

As of 2020, the birth rate was 8.1 live births per 1,000, and the death rate was 14.7 deaths per 1,000. Three out of ten Ukrainian men will die in car accidents or face down in vodka. 3.2 million Ukrainians have jobs in other countries. 500,000 Ukrainian women have worked abroad as prostitutes since 1991.

When the Soviet Union fell, Ukraine had over 50 million citizens. According to the National Academy of Sciences, it now has 35 million. That is a loss of 15 million people due to emigration and deaths of despair from drugs and alcohol, car accidents, HIV/AIDs, etc.

The Red Army suffered 10 million killed in action during the Second World War. Stalin’s botched collectivization of Ukrainian agriculture killed 7 million. Pick your tragedy. Ukraine’s elites have killed or driven off a third more of their own people than the Germans killed Red Army soldiers. They have killed or driven off twice as many people as Stalin starved or shot in 1932–33.

Are Ukraine’s leaders determined to finish off the work Stalin and Hitler started?

It’s Time to Change the Topic of National Debate in Ukraine

Maybe, just maybe, the national conversation in Ukrainian media, government, and at kitchen tables shouldn’t be about Crimea, Donbas, and Russian intrigues in the east, but reversing its demographic decline. This national conversation should involve Ukrainians asking themselves some very tough questions.

Here are some questions to start that conversation.

Is an economic model based on exporting prostitutes and day laborers to Europe and importing cheap crap made in China conducive to families having babies?

Will killing the young men Ukraine has left by sending them off to Donbas result in more babies?

Does encouraging young men and women to study in school until the 33rd form and having one designer baby in their middle ages result in population growth or decline?

I’ll answer these questions one at a time.

No, an economic model based on providing labor and sexual services for the rest of the world and importing cheap Chinese crap isn’t working. There would be more Ukrainians than Chinese, Indians, and Nigerians combined if it were.

Sending young Ukrainian men to Donbas doesn’t result in more babies for obvious reasons. You can’t make babies if you are dead or sitting in a trench. It doesn’t require a degree in biology to figure that one out.

And finally, encouraging young people to live a life of permanent adolescence by being school children until they’re in their mid-twenties and then working and being single until they’re in their late 20s or 30s, isn’t going to result in an above replacement level fertility rate. No degree in statistics is required to figure that out.

If Ukrainians keep going on this trajectory, Russian aggression will be the least of their worries because they’ll emigrate, over-educate, and drink themselves out of existence. Since that is the case, the national conversation needs to move from “How do we recover Donbas and Crimea?” to “How do we get people to have more babies?”

It’s Not Too Late to Change Course

It is possible to change Ukraine’s trajectory, but it will require a Herculean effort on their part to force their politicians to make pro-family reforms.

You may think it is impossible to get their current crop of politicians to do anything useful, and I can’t blame you if that’s your opinion. But the recent by-election in England shows it is possible to make politicians do what they are sent to parliament to do.

The British Conservative Party held the North Shropshire seat for 200 years until they lost it in the 2021 By-Election to the Liberal Democrats. They lost that seat because so-called Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson wouldn’t lift lock downs and wouldn’t do anything about British goods being taxed by the EU when they entered Northern Ireland, which happens to belong to the Crown, by the way.

British voters were incensed by this incompetence and voted the Conservatives out of that seat.

That defeat spurred Johnson’s cabinet finally to get off their arses and end the lock downs. And then, a few days later, Northern Ireland’s agricultural minister Edwin Poots coincidentally ordered that goods coming from the rest of the United Kingdom stop being checked and taxed.

If the British and the Irish Unionists can do it, Ukrainians can do it. They certainly have a lot more to lose than the British if they can’t.

I’ll end this by saying that the Russians are a disease of the skin. Ukraine’s demographic decline is a disease of the heart. If Ukrainian’s do not change course, that disease will become fatal.

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